About Us

Raven's Coaching was birthed out of the pandemic. Myisha Cunningham, affectionately called "Uni" the CEO and Founder of Raven's Coaching, who is in long term recovery for alcohol and substance use disorders quickly realized society needed access to recovery coaching during the covid shutdowns.

 Unable to attend 12 step meeting in person, recovery coaching via zoom became a lifeline for many in need of support. Uni is CCAR trained in recovery coaching, a certified life coach, and ordained pastor. After talking to people, Uni discovered there are many who have life goals but are unable to get past the barriers stopping them from reaching their goals.

This is where life coaching comes into play. At Raven's Coaching, we are life coaches with specialties in recovery and spiritual coaching who have a passion for helping break the habits that stop people from reaching their goals.

It is our mission

To help individuals become the best version of themselves, by encouraging them through life, empowering them to overcome obstacles through coaching, and equipping them with the necessary tools for success.

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