A New Day


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

-Lao Tzu.

Mornings can be a time of great contemplation. It's a time to think deeply about your day. To plan your day requires intentionality. To stay drug or alcohol free requires intentionality. To reach goals in our business and personal lives also require intentionality. I start every day journaling. I begin with one question. "What will I do to stay drug free today?" We are mind, body, and spirit so I answer this question in three parts:

  1. I write something spiritual I can do to keep me drug free.
  2. I write something mental I can do to keep me drug free.
  3. I write something physical I can do to keep me drug free.

Here's today's entry:

  1. Something spiritual: Today I am reading three chapters in the Book of Acts in the Bible. I am going to practice lectio divina and imagine myself in the scripture where a sick woman sneaks to touch the hem of Jesus' robe.
  2. Something mental: I will not watch the news today. It has been making me feel depressed lately. I will also limit how much I use social media today and live in the moments around me instead.
  3. Something physical: I will attend a 12-step meeting today at 5:30. I will also go for a walk.

This is my plan to stay drug free today. This is one step in the plan that helps me reach my future goals. 

This is intentionality! 

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