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We are located in downtown Jackson, Michigan.

Storge-- is for the individual or family. We will help coach you though problem solving and communication to remove what is stopping you from reaching your goals individually or as a family unit.

Philia-- is for employers who want to help the clients who have substance or alcohol use disorders.

Eros-- is for romantic couples who are wanting to communicate better and grow deeper in love. 

Online Sessions are offered exclusively on Fiverr.

Empower (Basic) Package

I will provide a listening ear. We will create a Relapse Prevention Plan or a Barrier Removal Plan. The Relapse Prevention Plan we create will help you identify threats to your sobriety. The Barrier Removal Plan identifies obstacles to reaching your goals.

Awakening (Standard) Package

In the Awakening sessions I will not only provide a listening ear but will help you vision cast.

You will also discover growth exercises to practice during the week. These exercises will help you form good habits.

Multiple sessions may be recommended for this package.

Dig Deeper (Premium) Package

In the Dig Deeper sessions, I will listen to your trials and offer advice. We will create one of these 3 plans: Relapse Prevention Plan or Barrier Removal Plan or SMART Goal Plan. I will also provide accountability for the growth exercises I give to practice during the week. 2 sessions included.

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