We have a variety of services to meet the diverse needs of our community. 


  • Provide consistent, non-judgmental, flexible support
  • We support multiple pathways to recovery and we help encourage you to find yours.  
  • Offer companionship in person, via phone, email, and text. A Recovery Coach is a reliable source of support for those new in recovery
  • Strengthen communication between the individual and treatment professionals, Dr's, other social agencies, peer and support groups, and their families. 
  • Provide lifestyle support by introducing the individual to a new community that thrives in a sober life
  • Provide emotional support within healthy boundaries of mentoring, introduction to sober activities, and support groups


  • Identifying triggers or roadblocks to long-term recovery
  • Present informational support through referrals to health, wellness, legal, and educational assistance
  • Provide instrumental support with stressful tasks such as licenses and insurance, applications and entitlements, court hearings, family reunification
  • Create a relapse prevention plan
  • Create SMART Goals 
  • Clients can request a letter of progress to be sent to the court or Probation Officers, which shows they are utilizing our services. 


  • The client chooses what services they need, as well as what goals they want to work on.
  • Promote healthy family relationships by establishing boundaries, managing expectations, and rebuilding trust
  • Successfully change patterns of failure into patterns and strategies for sober living
  • Address crucial life domains such as relationships/family, employment/education, and spirituality
  • Working through road blocks and fears
  • Strength based approach